Purchases over ‚ā¨ 70 free shipping. (Catalonia)

Refund policy

For any return the buyer and seller must agree. In the event of a visible and reasonable defect in the order, the buyer is entitled to a refund for the amount of the order or a similar solution agreed between the buyer and seller. In this case the best option is to contact the seller, either by email at: facturacio@aceitedegustus.es, or by calling: 973.13.30.12.

We inform you that you have a right of return on all products purchased in the store. The deadline for exercising your right of return is 14 calendar days from the day you receive the order at home. These products must be returned to their original packaging.

If this is the case, broken shipments must be notified within 24 hours of receipt of the shipment in order to notify the transport company.

The returned order must be delivered together with the delivery note and, if applicable, the invoice issued by the COOPERATIVA DE LA GRANADELLA, running the customer with the return costs. The Customer may return any item purchased from COOPERATIVA DE LA GRANADELLA provided that the products have not been opened or used and retain their original seal or packaging.

If a product other than the one requested by the customer was delivered by mistake of COOPERATIVA DE LA GRANADELLA, the correct product will be delivered to you, collecting the first, without any additional charge for the customer.

If a product has arrived at the customer broken, damaged or in poor condition, COOPERATIVA DE LA GRANADELLA will take care of picking it up at your home, replacing it with another in good condition, at no additional charge.