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From the moment the oil is produced and packaged after the harvesting of the olives, it undergoes a process of oxidation which should be mitigated as much as possible. The oil must be preserved so its organoleptic and nutritional qualities are maintained intact.

Degustus extra virgin oil is packaged on request, which ensures that the oil is kept in excellent condition. It rests in underground glass-ceramic tanks at a constant temperature not exceeding 20 ºC, away from direct sunlight and contact with the air. This avoids oxidation.

Storing the oil Tips

• Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

• Avoid high temperatures. (In temperatures below 7 ºC, the oil begins to freeze, a natural effect that does not lead to any alteration)

• To store the oil in the best possible conditions, you can freeze it since this will not alter its volume or properties.

• You should periodically wash the containers in which you store oil, since any traces of oil in the container will oxidize over time and can speed up this process in the newly added oil.

Bear in mind that oil is an organic product and therefore its properties change as it matures. The colour of the oil changes from a greenish yellow to a golden yellow. Its aroma and bitter attributes become less intense.

At La Granadella Cooperative we want to the greatest qualities of extra virgin oil to shine through. The recommendations for keeping it in good condition, its uses and understanding its manufacturing process make us more critical and more demanding when evaluating an oil.

Degustus quality standard

All our Degustus oils are submitted for evaluation by the Catalan olive oil official tasting panel to guarantee compliance with the regulations governing EXTRA VIRGIN oils.