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When making our products and derivatives, we have to maintain the highest levels of quality throughout the production process in order to obtain a great product, a great extra virgin olive oil.

We take special care during all our production and preparation procedures, from the flowering of the olive trees, to their subsequent growth and the ripening of the fruit. Pruning is very important, since it allows the fruit to obtain the right amount of direct sun and it also helps adjust the vegetation cover of the farm to the weather conditions of the region and the year. We have to maintain a balance between the biodiversity that characterizes the area (Las Garrigues Altes) and the fruit that we want to harvest.

The harvest is carried out when the olives are at their perfect ripening point, after which they are transferred to the cooperative's mill within a short period of time and at the perfect temperature to preserve the fruit in optimal conditions.

No more than 24 hours are allowed to elapse between harvesting and milling, to avoid oxidation. Once the olives are in the mill, we ensure that the milling and extraction process of the olive juice is as natural as possible to preserve all its properties. The paste resulting from the milling is whipped cold to bind the fat molecules together.

This is subsequently passed through a decanter, to separate the oil from the solid part (pomace) and the aqueous part, therefore obtaining olive juice without any other intervention or the addition of any other product. Once this process is finished, it is left to rest for a few days to finish decanting the small impurities and is stored in underground glass-ceramic tanks.

These tanks keep the oil at a constant temperature and protect it from air and sunlight until it is bottled (on request).