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The Town of La Granadella

Did you know that… La Granadella was the capital of Les Garrigues before the reorganization of counties in 1936?

A small town in the county of Les Garrigues, with just over 700 inhabitants, dedicated mainly to the agricultural sector located within the sub-area named Garrigues Altes, bordering the Segriá and the Ribera de Ebro counties.

Did you know that... La Granadella was among 32 Catalan towns which in Roman times were given the honorary title of municipium?

la vila de la granadella

La Granadella is surrounded by a unique orography, a plateau which rises over 500 metres, delimited by the Ebro and Segre rivers. With winding valleys, rugged terrain, forests and cultivated areas delimited by dry stone walls (cultural heritage).

The municipal district of La Granadella includes stunning landscapes that can be observed from the two viewpoints located in the town itself (the Ebro viewpoint and the Pyrenees viewpoint)

Visitors can also take part in different activities to understand the olive oil culture and discover the area’s traditional architecture.

Did you know that… The church of La Granadella, which was built in the Baroque style at one end of the town square, was named “The Cathedral of Les Garrigues” and that it was formerly a trough where livestock could drink?

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