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Degustus Oil

100% Arbequina olive oil from our land.


• Extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin oil is the name given to oil obtained directly from the olives through mechanical processes. It is a superior quality oil free of defects, with no additives or refined oils of any kind and an acidity of less than 0.8%. In short, extra virgin oil is a juice made from the pulp of the olive with an excellent aroma and flavour.

• Virgin olive oil.

Virgin oil is also obtained from olives through mechanical processes, which could also be called natural "olive juice". However, it is not free of defects, although these are of low intensity and its acidity can be up to 2%.

• Olive oil. (Refined lampante or pomace oils)

Oil labelled simply olive oil is of lower quality and comes from refined oils that undergo several physical and chemical processes. If it were not for the organic solvents that extract the bad taste and odour, and added colouring pigments, they would not be suitable for consumption. These processes remove all the attributes and virtues of the oil, so a small percentage of virgin or extra virgin oil (10% -15%) must be added so that it can be consumed.


The essence of Degustus oil is, without doubt, its source. The variety of olive that we use to make all our products is the ARBEQUINA.

A native variety, very well adapted to the area in which we are located (Les Garrigues Altes). It is considered a rustic variety and therefore adapts very well to adverse weather conditions such as winter frost and lack of water, although some of our farms have a backup irrigation system in place.

The olives are small and round and as they ripen they turn green, yellow, and then purple before achieving their final black appearance.

The oils made with this variety are fruity, with greenish-yellow tones, balanced and rich in secondary aromas with hints of apple, banana, tomato, almond and other fruity notes.

The Arbequina olive oil is one of the most popular in Spain and internationally (export).


Degustus oil, as with all the products we make at the La Granadella Cooperative, is the result of years of experience and the consequence of our commitment to a job well done.

We strive to offer the highest quality in our entire range of Degustus products, since quality is the essence of our know-how. We make all our products using the best techniques and always following best practices

Careful selection of the fruit, harvesting at the optimum point of ripeness, minimum time between harvesting and milling of the olives, cold extraction, preservation in underground tanks, among other aspects.

On top of this, the orography and climate of our crop fields endow our olive trees with a much higher content of antioxidants.

The process of harvesting, milling and preserving Degustus oil ensures the antioxidants (vitamin A, vitamin E and polyphenols) are preserved and also keeps the fatty acids intact (oleic, linoleic and linolenic).



Each variety of olive is unique. The variety that we use for our oils, the arbequina, contains organoleptic characteristics and properties highly prized by lovers of fine cuisine.

The production of a monovarietal arbequina oil gives us outstanding notes, aromas and flavours. Arbequina oils are intensely aromatic with complex secondary aromas. Depending on the year, their bitterness and spiciness varies in intensity. This is influenced by the weather, which can affect the tones of the oil depending on each vintage. Regardless, it can be considered a balanced oil, complex on the nose and easy on the palate with attributes that become subsequently more intense.

Apart from its spicy, bitter and sweet attributes, it gives off other secondary aromas such as notes of apple and ripe fruit, fresh herbaceous tones and also tomato and artichoke. Notes that remind us of fennel, banana and hints of almond. Aromas that may have a greater or lower degree of intensity.

All the batches produced and packaged by the La Granadella Cooperative as Degustus oil are analysed by the Catalan “Panell de Tast Oficial d'olis Verges d’oliva” (extra olive oil official tasting panel) to guarantee their quality.