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la vila de la granadella

Les Garrigues enjoys very low rainfall and many hours of sun, with very hot summers and very cold winters. These weather conditions make Les Garrigues an ideal place for growing olive trees, producing a balanced oil with its own character and identity.

“From an exceptional land, an exceptional product is born”

Did you know that…

The county of Les Garrigues was the first in Spain to create a Protected Designation of Origin for extra virgin olive oil? This is because its characteristics (orography, climate, olive variety and the excellent adaptation of the olive trees to the area) make the oil produced in this county of superior quality.

Tourist attractions:

• Church of Santa María de Dios de Gracia.

• Coll de Bovera viewpoint

• The Chapel of Sant Antoni

• Civil War shelter

• Flour mill

• Farm Shop: you will find all the Degustus products in our Farm Shop, located in the Cooperative building. #KM0 extra virgin oil and other food products derived from our passion: the production of high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

• The Catalan Olive Oil Museum and Centre is located in the same building as the Cooperative. You can visit the old mill, the best preserved in the county, where olives were ground using large stones after which the whole of the extraction process was carried out.

• The Catalan Olive Oil Cultural Centre (CCOC), located within town of La Granadella itself, is a multi-functional centre which hosts different activities and events related to the world of olive oil (tastings, gastronomic events, conferences, etc.) You can tell we’re a land of olive oil!

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